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About me

For me there is no better feeling than capturing a moment you know will never come again. A moment in time that no one else will ever have the chance to see the way you see it at that very moment. 


My love of photography has always meant I wasn't far from my camera. I loved to shoot anything and everything and developed a style of my own. A few years back I got to watch someone create some of the most beautiful images I had ever seen. I went along to watch them shoot. I knew right then I had to jump in with both feet. I never looked back! 

Since that point I have spent any free time I had shooting. I started with landscape photography but shortly discovered how much I enjoyed shooting people! Children are the most amazing thing to capture. They are timeless and always surprise you with their many faces and you never know what

you will turn around to catch them doing. 

I also have come to love shooting weddings. Catching those little moments and the love between two people is heart warming. I love the candid moments when they don't think you have the camera on them. Those always turn out to be my favorites. 

"Photography...the stories I fail to put into words..."

"Capturing the moments of today that will wow your heart tomorrow"


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Erin Wakefield 

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